Luminous space

Luminous space

I love meditative posts.

I also like sharing ideas, techniques, how to’s, lists of helpful steps for children, teachers, parents, etc.  But I REALLY like meditative posts.  And the reason is RESONANCE.

My internal tuning fork zings to life when an idea emerges that is the leading edge for me.

And if you can tune your fork to this leading edge for me, then it may be a leading edge for you.  Resonance brings Resonance!

This morning Resonance was triggered by an guided meditation practice I like to use  about connecting with your guide(s).  The part of me that is connecting with the guide is my guidance.

So…Zing!…I find myself being my Inner Guide just knowing/feeling that I have guides who are helping me along.

Here is how I do this. (Enter the How-To post)

I imagine… form an image of…. what my guide knows about me.  I become my image of my guide,  who:

Zing!…knows what my Self knows

Zing!…feels what is going to serve me best to be my Self

Zing!…resonates with my internal tuning fork–my inner guidance– and wakes it up to who I am and where I’m going…so Zing! Zing!images-6

I find myself zinging along… remembering my Guide, and my Guidance (Self) throughout the day more and more.

If this post resonates—tunes you in and tunes you up– I am grateful to have shared it.  And while in this feeling of  gratitude…

Zing!  I am resonating in a new leading-edge place…again,

and for the first time this moment.