Jenny is an Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour certified teacher.  She homeschool her four children, naturally  and seamlessly blending yoga and meditation practices and principles right into their daily lives.  Here’s one wonderful example in her words:

Running is like a moving meditation.  And when the running gets too much to bear, the meditative mind is a friend in need– a friend indeed.

I had the honor of observing this in an experience with my son, Kaden, age 10, at a 5k race we ran together a few months ago.

We used some warm-ups from Radiant Child Yoga. Archer pose with Breath of Fire was a good choice for energizing and focus at the start of the race.













Kaden was very excited and focused for the first bit of the race.  He was keeping a good pace, but at some point he hit a wall. He was beside me and then he was gone.  I looked behind me and saw Kaden had stopped running. He looked up at me with this exhausted, sad face and said “I can’t do this. I want to go back. This is too hard.”

I tried to give him some encouragement, and then it hit me: This is his time, this is his space to clear his mind to overcome his lack of belief and gain more of his true self. So instead of talking, I listened to him tell me all the ways he was never going to make it to the end.

As we reached the half-way mark, Kaden became silent and his steps slowly became faster. I could feel a shift in his energy.  I’m not quite sure what was going through his mind, but I felt like I was watching his fear and doubt collide with his strength and heart. And together they became one. He welcomed both these parts into his being, and it allowed him to find his way back to his true self.

Kaden went on much more then a run that day, he went on an exploration. Being with Kaden on that run was like watching a moving meditation, because with each step and with each breath he found more then he knew he had within him.