Dear Friends of Radiant Child,

There is an opportunity to tell your story and positively affect tens of thousands of people to empower themselves and their relationships with children.  As well, your story will help empower children to be the wise, radiant, authentic beings they truly are.

 My book about authentic relationships with children and ourselves is due out in 2016 with a wonderful worldwide publisher.

I’m calling all parents, caregivers, therapists, teachers, and anyone who parents and/ or works with children to take a look at the list below and if you feel inspired–choose one (or if a couple ideas go together, that’s fine.).  SEND ME ONE OR TWO PARAGRAPHS WITH YOUR STORY BY MAY 10TH.

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I will contact you to let you know if we can use it, and if so, what editing it needs.  If you prefer, we can change names and places for privacy.

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  1. Speak about your version of knowing children as big souls in little bodies? What are you learning from children? How do you see them learning from you in turn?
  2. IMG_3284How do you balance over-parenting and under-parenting?
  3. How do you balance between being indulgent and over-disciplinarian?
  4. If you don’t “appoint”, you won’t be disappointed.  In what way have you learned about this in relation to a child
  5. How do you with your fears about your child?
  6. How do you work with negative/positive minds to come to neutral in relation to children?
  7. How do you live in your high heart, not your emotional heart?
  8. How do you work with the concept of making an effort to change? How do you change for the better–what is the mechanism?
  9. Name an instance when you used your imagination to feel for a new space in relation to children. Elaborate.
  10. How do you become a non-anxious presence for a child who is feeling anxious or fearful?
  11. How do you reclaim your own child?
  12. What do you do to remember “they are children” and the way the are acting is completely normal.
  13. How have you worked with slowing down with your children? How have you taken a step back from over-scheduling them and yourself?
  14. What do you do to connect with your children? (not just the action but also the feeling space you are creating.)
  15. In what ways do you create integrity in your life in relation to children? Do you have any examples of how they were influenced by you in this way?
  16.  What are some ways you create mindful moments for yourself? For your child?yellow rose
  17. How do you connect with your children that is different from your partner? What work have you done to accept your partner’s way if it is different from yours?
  18.  Write about your version of this statement:
  19. “When you hold someone as the object of your attention while you are in the center of your loving, authentic Self, you act as a satellite for them. Even if they are not close to their own center, your satellite beams the way forward.” Teachings of Abraham, Esther Hicks
  20.  What experiences have you had learning not to “bite the bait” when a challenge is presenting itself to you in the form of the child. How have you worked to respond, not react?
  21. “You cannot change what you do not own”: Write about an example of this for you in real life.prayerpose
  22. How have you learned to befriend yourself, and what has been the result?
  23.  How do you know when you are following your true guidance? How do you nurture that in children?
  24. Anything not mentioned here that you would like to write about?

thank you!

Send to by May 10th