Once I found Kundalini Yoga, I knew it was a major key in my continued search for Self, Love, and all other good stuff.  Then I met the Abraham work of Esther and Jerry Hicks, and wow!!  The combination of KY and Abe is amazingly effective for getting into a good feeling place and staying there, noticing all the ins and outs of the mind (all the Diamond Facets), and sticking with the ones that bring happiness.  I’ll be teaching Your Diamond Mind workshop with my wonderful partner of 33 years, Kartar.  We’ll be offering it first in Rhode Island, Nov. 20 at www.allthatmatters.com.  Then in the spring at www.kripalu.org in MA and www.beloved yoga.com  in VA, and onto Edmonton CA in May.  Love to see you at one of these!

from Emoto's Messages from Water