Our heads are logical and want “proof” about everything, which means they cannot understand anything that is outside of the limits of the mind. Our hearts can understand and intuit what the head does not know, yet our emotional heart can create a ball of confusion that clouds our judgement .

With head and heart able to go haywire at at moment, it can seem that we don’t know anything clearly.  But what if they can work together?  What if there is a lovely line to walk where the head and heart complement and balance each other?  That is the fun place, and this is where I love to be.

So how can we get there?  One way is to practice Kundalini Yoga, which works with the meridians and pressure points of the body to affect positive change in the higher glands of the brain, the nervous system, the chakras, and ultimately…your outlook on life, all for the better.


Toward that end, I’ve created a video of Yoga to Balance the Head and Heart that you can use for real-time practice   This yoga set comes from my teacher, Yogi Bhajan,  and was inspired by an online class I did at Yoga U called Happily Ever Now.  You can download the archived 2- hour class and you’ll find your head and heart beginning to collaborate.  And/or you can come to the Happily Ever Now course at fantastic Kripalu Retreat in April, and we can have fun, grow in spirit, and learn to be awakened human beings together.  And just for today, this yoga set will get you started on the path of balancing the head and heart.

Comments from my book, Kundalini Yoga:  This yoga set brings a balance between logic and feeling, between ideas and the “fire” to put them into action, between an overly intellectual mind and overly sensitive emotions.  It aligns the head and heart so you can be great and graceful, aware and loving.”

May the union of head and heart, soul and body, joy and action be alive and well in you this day and every day….