Parents and Teachers of Future Super-Heros!  Take note of this message in my inbox upon returning home from teaching the Kansas City Radiant Child Yoga training course.  During the training, we had several discussions about making  yoga relevant to the lives of the children we are teaching.  One mother took this message to heart, bought the Yoga Warrior Cards (available from our store at, and resolved to not push her 9 year-old son into yoga.  Instead, she let the transformers and robots do the talking, with instructions for poses like “Flying Hero”, and “Ice Archer”.

Look out Super Heros…–your yoga time has come!

In the words of Ramgeet Kaur:

Wow!  Holy Cow!

Corbin, my nine year old son, loves those Warrior Cards so much that he asked to do yoga with me this morning and so we did some warrior card poses and then he even joined me for a kriya and asked for some homework to boot!  I could barely keep my jaw hinged.  Now he is using his bionicles to try and make a yoga warrior of his own and he just showed me a couple of new warrior poses that he made up on the spot (they were pretty good too.)  He wants to go to my children’s yoga class with me sometimes and demonstrate the poses.
I can hardly believe it.  He has always kinda liked yoga but didn’t really want to do it with me.  I came home last night with those cards and a new attitude (like “oh, well…. I don’t know if you are limber enough to do this, you can try if you want, but it doesn’t really matter to me.”)  He could not prove himself a yogini fast enough. hahaha.
He made up his own yoga warrior name which I am to refer to him as, Furry Fury.  LOL
Thank you Shakta, What a blessing this is.