Tomorrow, September eleventh, is my birthday.  It was my birthday, and millions of others birthdays before (and since) becoming an infamous day.  So I while I send love and light for peace in our world…. I still love to celebrate my birthday!

I have a lot of friends who are born in September.  It seems we Virgos make good friends, and we like Libras too!  Since I know a lot of ninth month friends, I decided to share a special yoga set on You Tube that is especially for the ninth body, which in Kundalini Yoga is called your Subtle Body.

When your Subtle Body is in good working order, you are subtly tuned-in to yourself and the “vibes” around you.  You sense how to stay in the flow, talk to just the right people, notice the nuances of what’s going on, and understand how to deal with them.  When it is not working, it’s just the opposite–you run into people you don’t want to see, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can be blunt rather than communicate artfully.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Several years ago it sounded painfully familiar to me!  That’s why I decided to practice the Subtle Body yoga set every day for 1000 days, which is two and a half years.  In Kundalini Yoga teachings, if you do something for 1000 days, you will be able to master it.  And since the number 9 is the last of the single digit numbers, it is considered a “completion” or “mastery” number.  The transformation I experienced was subtle and compete, and I still practice this set often as maintenance,  feeling blessed and in synch with the subtleties of life.

If you’ve read my Kundalini Yoga book, you will know that we each have ten Light Bodies, and they relate to the numbers of your birthday.  You can learn how to calculate your numbers through the system of Yogic Numerology.  If you can get to Miami in November, I’ll be teaching the Numerology system there.  Check my schedule on  I am also happy to share this wonderful technology in other cities if I am invited!

So now let’s do a sample birthdate.  When a date has two numbers or more, add the digits together to come up with a single digit.  The exceptions are 10 and 11, which remain double digits.

Let’s take the birthday September 27, 1963, so we can showcase 9s!

  • Your day of birth  (27 = 2+7 or 9)
  • The month (9)
  • The last two digits of your year 63 = 6+3 or 9)
  • Your entire birth year (1963 = 1+9+6+3 or 10)
  • All of your birth numbers combined (9 + 27 + 1963 = 10

So how do you get a 9?  If you were born on the 9th day of a month, or the 18th day (because it adds up to 9), or you were born in September, or your last two digits of your birth year add up to 9 (or your whole birth year), or ALL your numbers add up to a 9…you are in luck!   The yoga set I am going to share will be especially relevant to you.  But take note— there’s no need to have a number 9 in your numerology to brighten up your subtle body and get tuned in!

Look for the video to be posted on Shakta Khalsa You Tube channel.  It is also in my Kundalini Yoga book on page 78.  The set is fun, meditative, works on the thyroid and parathyroid as well as the subtle body, and it can be done in 10-12 minutes a day.

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, used to say that if every day you devote time to your spirit, your spirit will give you back the rest of the day!