The word that occurs for the way I’m feeling with the Yoga Dog Kickstarter  that launched today is– EUPHORIA.  After two years of discussion and planning, and great chunks of time when other projects put Yoga Dog in the doghouse—here I am with Jennifer Foster, founder of Kids Wellness Alliance, a kid’s “edutainment” company founded on the belief that kids deserve entertainment that honors their spirit and nurture their minds and

And so, here we are, Friday Oct. 17, 2014.  As the the special subject expert and creative collaborator. I’m thrilled to see the characters in the story fleshed out, the former Disney team working on the storyline.  I even get to play a part–the voice of “Glow”, who is Yoga Dog’s intuition and fairy godmother!  Check out the cast of characters at the bottom of the Yoga Dog Kickstarter page.  So creative!


You are most important in the picture that is forming

with the launching of Yoga Dog.

You who love children,

love yoga,

love to have fun, and see our children having fun.  

Love to know that all children–

including those with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD–

are receiving yoga tools that bring them joy and health

You who love to see our children grow up with peacefulness,

mindfulness, mental and physical wellbeing

love to feel our world getting brighter and more peaceful

as these children become young adults—

You, you, and you!

You are so needed right now to spread the word

and give what you can to make Yoga Dog happen.


20140120_094829Imagine a time when our children can use the TV, a tablet, a smart phone, or a computer for their own good.  Where children ages 3-7 and beyond can love a fun-filled story about a lovable dog, his sassy sister cat, and all the other characters who add comic relief (that even adults can enjoy) while steering children into yoga tools that help them to:

  • calm down and learn to self-regulate
  • focus their attention and stay clear
  • take their breath with them into potentially scary, or enraging situations, and change the outcome
  • be an example to not only other children, but to their parents, teachers and anyone they come in contact with.
  • Get physically fit, mentally empowered, emotionally balanced… and learn to hydrate their bodies and brains until it all becomes a sweet habit.

I’m over the moon with just the thought of it, aren’t you?

Yoga Dog is going to wag his way into the mainstream.  And for those of us who teach children yoga, or offer children’s yoga training programs, that means that once things get rolling with Yoga Dog episodes, lots and lots of parents, teachers, administrators, therapists are  going to be searching the internet for YOUR CLASSES AND YOUR TRAININGS.

Cool!  images-9

And what else is cool is that the Yoga Dog show will be given away to schools and to military bases.

You may not know how Kickstarter works.  I didn’t in the beginning.  Here’s the scoop–if you don’t reach your goal, you DON’T GET TO KEEP THE MONEY.  We are raising $300,000—that is $10,000 per day.  I’ve already given thousands and expect to give more.

The first 48 hours are crucial and influence the rest of the campaign.

So please give what you can….$5 or $500 or $5000…. and then come back and give more during the 30 days.  Let your voice resonate into our future with your donation and with your sharing of  Yoga Dog with your friends and colleagues.  Here’s the link again:

Happiness is the Truth.  We all know it.  Yoga Dog is the perfect way for our children to feel it, live it, and be it.