Change your life with Radiant Child Family Yoga CertificationImage Retreat, and most especially change your diet, for the delicious better!  Here’s a recipe to take home on the house…compliments of Lisa Brodrick, our Retreat’s Gormet Chef, and blogger of Inspired Veggies

Avocado Cornucopia

What happens when you add cruciferous vegetables to your guacamole?

Something really, really good…

In a pan, heat some avocado oil & lightly cook slices of a habanero or chile pepper. Discards the pepper pieces. Oil will be added to the mix.

Lightly steam broccoli- here I also added purple cauliflower—- lightly steam- very. Lightly. Steam. Cool in an ice bath & chop.

In a bowl, add your avocado (4 or 5), small chopped onion (or half a large one), chopped red bell pepper ( you can add a yellow or orange one if you like), chopped clove of garlic (1 or 2), and about half a cup of loosely chopped cilantro leaves. Add in your broccoli and mix & mash.

Add the spicy oil along with the juice of 1 or 2 limes, tsp of sea salt (to taste).

B-Striebig-IMG_92092This can be served with so many things …try long slices of cucumber, celery stalks and papaya… Whatever you decide, I just hope you hired a mariachi band.

With Love and Delicious Moments,