unknownA recent email conversation I had with a friend and teacher of Radiant Child Yoga went like this:

Her: There was a short delay in finishing our project, because I had a car accident more than a week ago and I had to recover a little and rest. Sorry about the delay.

Me: How are you?  So sorry to hear about the accident.

Her:  I am ok. I decided to be in health consciousness and went to the hospital to get an x-ray of my neck and back.

I felt victim consciousness creep up on me, but focused on being whole instead…. and went dancing.

It works ????.

This is what I am talking about when I say how, for better or worse, we create our reality.  Yes, things, happen.  But we don’t have to keep recreating them in the present NOW moment. Every emotion, every event has a shelf-life, and then it expires.  It is often only US who keeps the emotion, the worry, the negative experience alive longer than its shelf-life.

Something to think about….hmmmm.images

Let’s go dancing, shall we??