Just finished a small but cozy Radiant Child Yoga training in Toronto.  Jyoti Bajaj, RCY trainer and owner of The Yoga Kids, came in to share some of her work with children. We played some fun new yoga games, which, with Jyoti’s permission, I am sharing here:

Islands and Oceans:  The floor is the ocean, and the mats are the islands. One island is washed away to sea after each pose, so everyone has to figure out how to do a pose on less and less space until they are all crowded on one island.  Keep your feet out of the ocean ocean or you might be taken out to sea!

Another great game we played was Green Light, Red Light, a variation on a game similar to “mother, may I?”.  Everyone tries to get close to the front while the leader calls out, “green light, green light…yellow light (time to get into a pose)…red light!  Everyone has to be completely still in a pose when the leader turns around.  Good exercise for the body and the strategizing mind!

Thanks to Jyoti and the group of wonderful new Radiant Child Yoga teachers for a great time in Toronto!