I haven’t been blogging lately.  Have been taking a behind-the-scene look at how waves of energy connect us all through subtle thought/feeling patterns. I think that is why I really like this quote.  It speaks so clearly to what I’ve been realizing.  Ironically, here I am blogging in the “inferior” way, but perhaps it is fitting since I am blogging about vibrational communication….

It’s been a joyful few months for me because I have had the good fortune to be able to use my work-oriented left brain less and use my intuitive-flow right brain more.  I have allotted some months with the intention to work on new books, do art, putz around the house, and just BE.

Now, you may not be experiencing the kind of life I am describing above. I am aware and empathetic to whatever life situation you may have. And at the same time… You have a choice in how you view my description of a joyful past few months.  For example, you can feel envious or sad that you have not been able to do the same because you “have to work” or you have family obligations.  This attitude, while seeming so valid and “normal” in many human’s eyes,  leaves no room for experiencing joy in the moment, even if it is in your imagination.

“Well,” you might say, “What good is experiencing joy in my imagination?”

If you can find an open door within yourself to feel something good, you can find your way back there again more and more easily.  The idea is that your imagination can be the hand on the door knob, turning it, and cracking open the door of possibilities. 

Most people I meet think it is the big moments in life that make the difference.  But I have found something else—Life is in the Moment.  So the Moment is the most important thing we are doing.  And then the question becomes “What am I doing in the moment?”  followed by “And how can it feel even better?”

Your vibration, the signal you are emitting, so to speak, comes from your thoughts and feelings. Think of how a lighthouse beams a signal.  The signal can be saying “I don’t like this.”  Or the signal can beam “Thanks for showing me what is possible.”   Which feels better to you?

Back to the quote above, what is a state of non-resistance?  I think of it as non-resistance to the natural flow of goodness that I am, that WE are.  As soon as I remember non-resistance to the flow, I feel myself in the flow. Then I am aware of how everything is vibrational communication.  Sometimes I remember, sometimes I forget.  When I remember the flow, I am purely being.  When I forget the flow, then remember later, I am learning.  So it’s ALL good in my opinion.  And friends, whether you are sitting and meditating, driving your car, facing a challenge, drifting off to sleep…this is one of the best mantras you can do at any given moment:

It’s all Good.

What happens when you feel the reality of this mantra?  You get to SEE how it is “all good.”

Happy Vibrational Moments friends!