images-1Having not had so much as a cold for several years, I was surprised to find myself wake up the other day with a sore throat, which has been my warning signal since I was a child. The sore throat quickly turned into a heavy feeling in the sinuses, followed by a tickling feeling in the head, accompanied by sneezing, a chilled feeling in the body…and you know the rest.


I was surprised because I had been feeling really uplifted–great in fact–and not overly stressed. Oh well, the whys of things are not always readily understood. Just being present to them is all that ‘s needed sometimes.


imagesSo this is day two, and things are much better. In case this may be of help to you, I’ve made a list of things I’m doing that are moving me through the stages of the cold very quickly.


  1. Lots of sleep, deep relaxations with music or guided meditation. I just got a beautiful album called Reiki Heart that I’m listening to a lot.
  2. Three or four hours max of work per day, punctuated by rest, going for a walk etc.
  3. Besides over the counter helpers like Nyquil for nighttime sleep, during the day, I am using Golden Seal herb, lots of vitamin C, Yogi Tea, especially Echinacea Tea.
  4. Had an acupuncture treatment that dramatically sped up the recovery by at least a day or two. During the treatment, I began to breath out of both nostrils for the first time that day.
  5. Besides juice and fruit, I’ve been eating Kicheree non-stop. It feels so healing, my body craves it!   Kicheree is an auyervedic recipe given by Kundalini Yoga master, Yogi Bhajan, which can be found here.
  6. The most important ingredient in recovering from the common cold is common sense…that means relax more, love yourself and everyone else, and as you feel better, be grateful for all of it!