Tu Nokwe is a gifted and well-known daughter of South Africa, and a personal friend.  We met when she came to Radiant Child Yoga training while I was teaching in Johannesburg some years ago, and we’ve stayed connected ever since. Her vision and dedication to the children of South Africa has brought forth the creation of Amajika, a children’s school for the arts, for developing leadership, and for taking responsibility for one’s own life.  Kudos to you, Tu, and to those in Amajika now, and those many more to come!
I play Amajika and Tu’s spirited music in my classes and everyone wants to know how to get it.  Tu and I have decided to create a compilation album in the next few months that will be available through the Radiant Child Yoga store.  Stay tuned….
Enjoy Tu Nokwe’s interview on South African TV and the dynamic music/dance of the children of Amajika!