Teens and pre-teens often have tight hamstrings, hip flexors, and iliopsoas (the sitting muscle). Most of it stems from excessive sitting–at their desks, computers, TV, or on the bus. Yoga can help!

1. Sit on bolster or thick blankets to make Easy Pose easier.

2. Let the force of gravity help with forward bending at the wall, bottom supported by wall. Release forward slowly, uncurling the spine from the wall. Come upright slowly and gradually.

3. Do Down Dog with hands against the wall, rather than on the floor, upper body parallel to the floor. Flex the feet alternately.

4. Back-to-back partnering, legs out straight. One partner leans back on the other to help them stretch forward. After a few breaths, partners switch movements.

high school yoga

5. Backwards walking: long, slow strides open hip flexors, hamstrings and calves. Upper body opens as arms propel the body backwards. Make sure the path is level and clear!