I’ve discovered a fiercely protective warrior within me.  It wants to protect country, world, people, animals, Mother Earth.  All the sickness going on right now in our country… I can’t even articulate it. My brain does not know how to convey the understandings of how WRONG this takeover feels in my knowing heart.

It turns out that my brain is not as smart as my heart.  It does not know how to handle this crazy world.  I sit down to meditate and feel a brick in my brain.  My heart says that it will help to describe it.

It is rectangular and solid; a dark red, rough, dusty brick.  Its forward edge presses against the right side of my head.  The corner sharply grates against my right forehead, causing a dull and permanently present headache that sends lines of tension down toward, and into, my right jaw and ear.

My neck, steeled to hold the bricked head, does what it has to do to survive and keep the head surviving.  The crunch comes at the pivotal point, the occipital.  My hand goes to my neck unconsciously and often to give some relief.  The skin of my neck is hot from working so hard to hold the head together.

The back of the brick presses into the obtuse back brain where old patterns are hidden; where my conscious self is mystified by the murky fog in the sky of the mind. It forgets that it knows how to hold space. Instead it drops the light and runs.

I will the brick to drop into my heart, its edges scraping the sides of my interior.  Resistance says, “You don’t want that in your heart.  It will hurt worse in the vulnerable softness there.”  But Gravity tells me that it is natural to let it drop.

So I inquire;

Can the brick unload from the brain and sink down, diffusing and breaking up as it descends?

Can the strength and love of the heart carve the sharp edges to roundness?

Can it be enfolded in the fiery redness of the heart then drift like confetti into the cave of the solar plexus?

Will it then naturally heap and pile up on the floor of the belly, like so many colors and shapes of goodness mixed with conflict?

I don’t know.  I will find out.  Of this, I am sure.