From Bradlee from Canada, email to me after taking Radiant Child Yoga level 1-3:

I have a story I want to share with you about the yoga I’ve been doing from your book!   Last week, I did the Kundalini Yoga Kriya for Essence of Self and once I was finished, my daughter Zara said to me, “Oh good, now there is light in our house again.”  I asked her why there was light today, what had made it different?  She said, “It’s your light mommy, it’s shining and it’s now shining all around the house.”SONY DSC

I can only imagine what will happen around our house and within me as I continue to explore yoga with your books and tools.  I really wanted to share that with you…it’s very profound and such an honest testimonial of the powerful effect of the yoga.

I’ve also been super committed in the past year to go in deep and look at all those limiting beliefs and fears, so I have been shining more and more as this past year has progressed.  Also I have noticed my own light from time to time, but for Zara to so see it, was a true gift.  She teaches me all the time, it’s unbelievable!

With much gratitude and excitement,


PS….I am much calmer and more consciously aware of transitional still points moments. I do remember how you stressed that in our training, and if we learned nothing else, (you would state with great firmness) learn that!!….  Your intention to instill this concept has not gone in vain….:-)