During the Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour teacher training that just finished last week, I checked online for some snippet videos of Yogi Bhajan for the students to get a feel for him as a teacher and master of Kundalini Yoga.

As serendipity would have it, I discovered a really sweet video that had several super simple practical tips for keeping your consciousness together even when you are worn out, strung out, out of sorts, and just plain out of gas!

images-2Check out the video here.

The couple simple things I found helpful and am applying to my own life are:

  • Three deep breaths every 31 minutes.  Now, don’t get freaked out, thinking, “I can’t do that, too hard, never going to happen, etc.” Just start somewhere.  Personally I feel that if I remember the three conscious breaths 3-5 times a day I am happy.  It is a perfect “Mindfulness” tool to give you a chance to become present to yourself.  And you are not trying to do so many breaths that it become routine-like.  Three breaths are perfect!  The Yogi knows what works!

  • Splash cold water on your eyes, neck, all the places he mentions in the video.  Amazing what cold water can do for you in a short time. And remember…cold showers each morning before practice is the Kundalini way to Heaven!

Check it out.  Here’s the link again!

We totally enjoyed it at the training.  Next summer we’ll do it all again, and yet it will be all new!  Will you be there to share the love?