Recently I had the opportunity to teach a couple of private session with two sisters, ages five and seven, who had not done much yoga except for what their father, a Kundalini Yoga student, had shared with them.  It was an absolute delight for me, since (ironically) I am so busy teaching adults about children, yoga, and basic healthy lifestyle skills for themselves and children, that I rarely get the chance to be with the kiddos myself.

The girls came in yesterday, excited to be continuing and tripping over themselves showing me what they remembered and had done at home—balloon breath for calming, fly like a butterfly song for fun and positivity.  Their father told me that everyone was using the balloon breath at home with great calming and focusing results.

Since I have so many years of experience and can pull yoga tools out of my proverbial hat, I don’t do much planning for children’s classes.  I just bring my music and a few toys/props and let it flow.  Yesterday it felt good to start with some of the same songs and warm-ups we had done before, then move into some new ones (from Yoga In Motion DVD).

The real theme came into focus, though, when we began doing the kneeling Sun Salutation with the song “You can make the Sun Shine”, also from the Yoga In Motion DVD.  The main line is “You can make the sun shine, any old time…Even when the clouds are there.”

After the yoga, we continued to play the song while they sat in easy pose for meditation.  What does the song mean? I said.  The five-year old’s immediate reply: “Be happy.”  So we talked about remembering that we have the power to decide to be happy, even when the clouds are there.  I asked them to name some “clouds”.  Their answers:  someone yelling at you, you don’t get what you want, you are bored, you don’t want to do something that you have to do.

We ended the class with drawing time.  Each of the girls created drawings showing the feeling they got from yoga.  Now they know that they take that feeling with them wherever they go—because it is their own inner sunshine.