“To the one who meditates on Love, there comes a perfect peace

And all pain and sorrow depart.

Meditate upon the one who contains this universe,

Whose holy name is the whisper on the lips of the entire creation.”

These words, from the sacred text of the Sikh path, are sung into my heart by Singh Kaur, a muse who came to this earth and transported souls with her voice for twenty-five some years, and then herself departed. The album, This Universe, is a profoundly deep and poignant offering created while in the last few months of her life.Unknown


I am driving in my car down empty highways lined with very early spring trees, still bare but with the tint of new life at the tips.  Driving for hours, transported into another orbit with the purity of her fluid voice, the perfection of the tones activating one chakra after another in my body….the navel, the heart, the third-eye point, and always culminating at the crown.

By the time I reach my destination, I am sure I want to organize this experience in a way that others can be transported, healed, and enlivened.  I call up Lisa, who is a muse in her own right, and I know that we should teach this together.  When I tell her about it, she is right there with me.  We both agree that the vision is not a “workshop” or “course” but an experience, a day retreat.  Lisa lives in an area of New Jersey that was hit hard by Sandy, and I know that this is a contribution to healing that I want to offer there.  We’ll offer it again, in the fall, in my home area of Northern Virginia.


images-6Sitting and writing, listening again to the passionate musical compositions, the purity of the range of Singh Kaur’s voice, this is what comes out:

 Transported into the high heart

Precious becomes the life

I am immediately lifted out of the everyday,

and yet…

 sacred becomes the experience of it.

Whispered on every experience of life is the knowing

that it is All Good,

It is all holy and whole.

I love my meditation on this music.

I am grateful to have the sensitivity to feel it.

 I thank the gift that was known as Singh Kaur.

Because the arrows of my longing to understand the Oneness

have pierced my heart, I am open to understanding.

The part of me that had rejected the “sacred” as religious,

has found healing through her music.

The word “God” as something outside of me

has come into balance;

The knowing that the inner self and the outer Universe

are the same magic.

That the Universe in all its glory and wisdom

is also who we are–

One and the Same


yet known in each moment.images-1

To experience The Universe in Your Heart, come to our day retreat in Long Branch NJ, April 20, and Vienna VA, Sept. 28.  Details here or email Shakta@childrensyoga.com

Singh Kaur music: www.invinciblemusic.com