I have been having some remarkable experiences teaching children yoga.  I don’t get the opportunity to teach children directly so much anymore–I mostly work with adults about children and yoga.  So I consider it a privilege when I get to spend time with these fresh new humans.  I have a class in a public school after-school program that I’ve taught twice in the past two months.  Not very often, but the quality outweighs the quantity.

I find that instead of “trying” to do something with them called “yoga”, I am loving them, delighting in them.  I don’t care if they can do downward dog correctly.  But  if they want to do downward dog correctly, I will help them.  I love the one who is jumping around just the same as the one who is sitting perfectly in easy pose.  They don’t have to do something special to “earn” my love or my approval.  It just flow naturally when I am in the presence of  their brightness.

So to an observer it looks like I am teaching a yoga class, but what is really going on is an exchange of energy between me and the children. Sometimes I am in my “teaching mind”, and then I see their bright, beautiful souls shining out through their faces. Then the teaching mind goes away, and I feel an energy exchange between myself and them–beaming love and appreciation toward each other.  I can feel that they feel it too.

When I was preparing to leave yesterday, the children spontaneously wanted to speak into my camera about yoga.  When we were done, they all hugged me and asked if I would come every day.   One girl said, “I love you Shakta.”  I could feel that what she was saying was, “I love who I am  with you.  I love myself with your yoga.”   Such an honor!