Did you know that when you take a Radiant Child Yoga training, you get personal feedback from your RCY trainer, when you submit your practicum after your first kids yoga class? Here’s a sample, provided by one of our students–with class management tips!
Hi Dan,
Thanks for your feedback on your first Radiant Child Yoga class!
Just a couple comments—
Great that you remembered breath instruction in each exercise. Was not clear if you also remembered to “bracket” each exercises with a clear breath ending. Very simply, you can just say “Breathe in….breathe out, and relax.” This will give form to the transition between exercises, and you will notice that they pay better attention to you. So it is a classroom management tool as well as a honoring of the child’s ability to be successful in their yoga class.

Great that you noticed that they wanted more repetitions. I find that children love learning something new, but then they need to repeat it, more times than you would imagine! This helps to cement the action into their brains—and once again, relates to being successful, and brings self-confidence.

It is all about how well we can help them be successful in the class, follow their inner guidance, and take that with them wherever they go!