The soft rain falls on my deck outside the kitchen window as I am mashing sweet potatoes with Trader Joe’s amazing cranberry and orange relish. The comforting aroma of the yams and the expansive sound of my old friends, the Moody Blues, fill the kitchen. I find them just as true today as all those years ago– the days of searching for Self and How It All Works.

They are now singing directly to me….

Don’t deny the feeling that is stealing through your heart,

Every happy ending needs to have a start.

I feel a wave of poignant satisfaction, like peace and longing for more.  I gaze into the large steel bowl that holds the dish I am contributing to our community Thanksgiving; the dazzling orange sculpted with flecks of bright cranberry, looking more like art than food.

Softly, I sing along with my favorite part….

We are all the treasures we’ve been searching for in vain

Cause the truth is gently falling with the rain.

And I remember.

May you know the peace of yourself this day, and keep it close to your heart as you move through life.