Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 and 95 hour exam question:  

Describe your understanding of communicating with children with awareness that they are “big souls in little bodies”.  How does that realization affect the way you interact?  How do you keep a balance between honoring them and guiding them?  Give an example from your own experience.

This is how Ashley Stride, a Radiant Child Yoga teacher at the 95 level, answered the question:

“Children are closer to the source than most. They super-sensitive and are more in tune with the vibratory energy around them. Therefore, it is important to communicate with them from an intention of the highest well being. The intention is even more important than words. You honor them by speaking with their “inner knower”, by providing an environment and framework for them to make discoveries and come up with creative solutions on their own.”

“I have found that when communicating with children, a true intention of interest in what they have to say is very important. They can tell when you are not interested. While teaching a class of 2nd graders in a public school art program, I met a group of boys who had been labeled with Autism. They were the most brilliant little beings that I had ever met.”

“The assistants in the class were constantly trying to keep them on task of completing their painting project. I would often allow some of them to go on long-winded discussions with me about a particular topic of interest. This one little boy was an expert of all things having to do with planets. I was genuinely interested in what he had to say and was fascinated by his knowledge. He could tell that I thought he was brilliant and he loved to share this with me. Throughout the conversation, I asked him open-ended questions and allowed the conversation to continue rather than cutting him off and trying to get him “back on task”. I loved talking with this big soul in a little body.  And this is the great art these brilliant boys came up with!”