I used these in some recent radio and TV interviews and thought I’d pass them on since those of us who are bringing yoga in schools and other institutions can use all the help we can get!

Check out this great radio interview I did recently with KISS 104 FM in Atlanta GA

Talking Points


What is the problem in the schools?

  1. Not enough physical activity,
  2. cutting phys ed programs, recess.
  3. Fast-paced society creates stress, pressure, inability to relax or calm

How does yoga address it?

  1. stretching muscles  RELIEF FROM SITTING
  2. relaxation through exercise and breathing CALM
  3. brain exercise breaks, ex. cross-lateral movements FOCUS

Why should they do it?

  1. Calm down, relax
  2. Self-regulation: learn new ways of modulating their energy levels and ability to focus
  3. give self-confidence, self-connection
  4. feel positive!

How does it work?

  1. Practice in proper breathing, brings in more oxygen and energy to body
  2. Practice in moving body or stretching body releases tension from muscles and sends a message to brain to release relaxing hormones, like serotonin (manufactured in drugs for ADHD, for example)

Quote from current study of yoga in schools sponsored by Kripalu Center in Lennox MA in conjunction with Harvard Medical school:

Initial results suggest that after only one semester, yoga prevents increases in stress, anxiety, and other negative mood states compared with students taking regular physical education class. The yoga students also showed improvements in stress-coping skills such as resilience, relative to controls.