I have been working with something called Segment Intending lately.  It is one of the many processes that are given by the Abraham work (www.abraham-hicks.com).  The idea is that when you begin a new segment of your day–could be as simple as picking up a ringing phone–you become aware of your intention in the moment, and adjust it to something you will like as it manifests.  It is a lot like 6th limb of yoga–Pratyahara–where you become aware of yourself in the moment and adjust yourself to where you want to be.  This is what I am presently finding exciting about “practicing Yoga” after all these 40 years or so.  To me, it is more exciting to be able to find myself in the moment, and with as much self-awareness as I can maintain at the time, to “reset” myself to my larger intention of Happiness, Peace, and Connection to Spirit.  Of course we all start where we are, and a practice of daily yoga postures can give you the same experience in the moment– by adjusting your body position and bringing the mind back to focus on the breath or mantra.  It gets you ready to take the party outside….into your everyday life.  That is where the fun begins!