Old children songs and nursery rhymes become all fresh, joyful, and wise in Radiant Child Yoga.  Take the old traditional song,  “Mama’s little baby loves shortnin’ shortnin”,  for example.  In RCY it becomes the basis for the Happy Jio Song (BTW Jio translates as ‘my darling Soul’).  In Happy Jio, we sing and dance about how we can live a life of yogic connection in joy and fun:  

Went to my center to touch my light,  went to my center to feel my might!”  

I love to add this dance to the RCY training because it brings out the joyful hearts and innocence of everyone who does it.  Check out the children’s yoga teachers in training having a good time with the Happy Jio Dance

Another children’s song that begs for revamping in this New Age of Awakening is Three Blind Mice.  My partner in Yoga In Motion children’s music, Alima Clarke, created the perfect version:

Three Nice Mice, Three Nice Mice….Bright, Strong and True, Bright Strong and True.

They dance and sing under the sun, blessings on earth for everyone.

Awaken, Arise to the Light…as Three Nice Mice.  

(from Cozy CD, also on Yoga In Motion DVD)

I encourage you to think creatively about how to take what has been done, what is familiar to children (and to yourself) and make it SHINE in this new time…..the age of Awakening!