Part 4, How Life Works.  

I have found a really good tool for getting myself back to center and accessing inner wisdom– by using truth-seeking questions. Here are some I use, and you will get a set of these Guidance Cards and more when you come to the course, Happily Ever Now.

Question 1: When I take away all the “shoulds”, what guidance do I follow?  

This question is first because if you are in a space of subtle awareness as you ask it, you will instantly feel your inner guidance.  As you spend more time getting to know what your guidance feels like (hint:  it always feels good), you carve a well-worn path directly to your guidance, and you don’t have to even look for it most of the time.

Question 2:  Can I see this through the eyes of Source? 

As soon as you ask yourself this, you automatically can go to the eyes of Source (or God, or Universal Guidance, or Love).  You gain the broad perspective, and the answer is then….”yes!”

Question 3:  What would I have to believe about myself in order to think this?

I use this when I notice that something triggered me into unhappiness in whatever form…frustration, anger, sadness, overwhelment.  Usually the answer that occurs to me is that I would have to believe that I am less than the powerful human being that I know myself to be; that I and only I, am in charge of my happiness or lack of it.

Question 4:  Do I want to be ‘right’ or do I want to be happy?

Whew…this is a tough one.  Yogi Bhajan used to say this and for a long time I didn’t get it.  But then I realized that he was making a subtle distinction between that ego feeling of being right, with the wholly satisfying feeling of being at peace…happy.

Question 5:  Where would I be without this story?  

I find that when I ask myself this, the answer is consistently that I would be absolutely fine.  The ‘story’ is the belief I tell myself over and over until it seems to be true, very much like the fable about the Emperor and his non-existent new clothing.  It took a child to get that story straight–going back to the simple level of inner truth is the innocent and wise child we all carry within.

Question 6:  What am I using as my excuse to come out of alignment with my inner self?

Asking this will immediately give you access to whatever it is that is the culprit.  Of course, we can bless all those inner culprits for helping us clarify what’s going on, and moving on to something better.

Question 7:  Can I be in vibrational alignment with the best in you?

This one involves other people, as most of our “problems” do!  By asking ourselves if we can, we find the place where we can.  And suddenly– if we are sincerely willing to let go of our stuff– we can  see the best side of the other person or the situation.

I’ve enjoyed this little series, and would love to hear from you….how are you bringing yourself into your Authentic Self??

Sat Nam!