It is surprising to me the lessons that Sadhana–daily spiritual practice– has birthed into my life. I learned to prefer myself. I learned to take the time and give myself the gift of minutes. I also learned grace. I learned there would be days I could make my practice longer, and add tune in, warm -ups, relaxation and meditation. On the other side of that, I learned there were days where 21 minutes, (3 minutes per posture) was enough. I learned on days that I struggled with a virus, and strep attacking my system, my sadhana brought down to a simple form was extremely beneficial to my body, soul and spirit. I also learned that upon those days, if a day had to be missed then that too would be a moment of grace.

It brings my heart into awe and wonder.  I find myself more comfortable in my own skin. Nerves have faded away into confidence.

I have held tight to the statement that I am the yoga that I bring to my students. As I have watched door after door open unto me, I have felt the immense privilege of touching the lives of others. I have realized that they don’t need “Mims,” per se. They need Mims full of life, personal practice and the fruits of that which is born through endurance and time on the mat.




Having added a routine of listening to different Kundalini musical artists to my sadhana as well as my whole day, I find that I am floating at times. I am full of wonder, full of amazement.


In declaring “Wonderful Teacher” to the universe and to self, I have discovered places within me I never knew existed. A stillness, a confidence, a passion to turn my own “what ifs” into amazing dream fulfillment instead of anything that remotely feels like dread.

I am going to continue this sadhana practice of Subtle Body Kriya into the future. I am not certain whether it will be 120 days or more. I will take it a season at a time. I am grateful for the discipline and the discovery.

[more about Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour and 95 hour certification can be found here.]

Thank you, Mims, for your spontaneous and honest sharing of your experience.