Kindness Stones for Kids Yoga

Mari Stonestreet is a Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour teacher living in Japan.  She has family yoga classes weekly and lots of fun and important ideas for her classes.  The children and their parents [...]

Open Letter to Fellow Yoga Teachers and Students

Dear friends who have known me as a yoga teacher and leader, I have—and will continue to— advocate for natural self-help tools that yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and mindfulness provide so graciously in our [...]

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the awakening of the self. It is that simple. People who do yoga, or have at least some understanding of yoga, are often curious about Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga for Healthy Breasts

Yoga for Healthy Breasts By Shakta Kaur Khalsa Your lymph responds to breath and movement. The moment I understood this, a sense of excitement and elation came over me. The reason is that I [...]

Growing Up with Yoga

Children today are under as much stress as adults. And with the busy, achievement-oriented lives they lead, kids need tools to help them self-nurture, self-adjust, and feel happy. Children are expected to behave in ways that their nervous systems cannot easily manage without physical activity, yet they are increasingly inactive in school and at home.

Dragonflies vs. Butterflies

Yoga is about balance in our bodies and our lives. The yin and yang of yoga is the softness, the receptivity coupled with the focus and the projective energy.In my role as a trainer for children’s yoga, I’ve observed hundreds of adult students teach children’s yoga.

Yoga for Children? Yes!

Why yoga for children? Twenty years ago, that question was most likely asked about martial arts. Now there are classes for children at martial arts studios around every corner. And, like martial arts, yoga develops many wonderful qualities in children. Beside the obvious benefits of exercising the physical body, yoga sharpens the child’s ability to calm down and focus.

Yoga for Children with Autism

Brian has autism. He is ten years old, but in many ways his six­year old sister, Lydia, is his model for behavior. They come to yoga class together, and Brian follows his sister’s lead: hissing and stretching into cobra pose, squatting like a frog, and stretching forward toward his toes. He loves to make up his own yoga stories.

Staying Young for a Long Time

Staying young for a long, long time is a wonderful, blessed way to live. As women, we have so much to give as we mature, so much wisdom born of hard earned experience, and so much loving kindness to share. So let’s keep our good health and vitality and reap the profit of a life well­lived. One of the very best ways I’ve found to stay young is to practice Kundalini yoga, which is a complete system of revitalization.

Heart And Soul Yoga with Children

Parenting has been called “the highest yoga”, and for good reason. Where else do you have the challenge and opportunity to be your most mindful at each moment? Where your every communication has the potential to create conflict or upliftment?

¿Yoga para niños? ¡Sí!

¿Yoga para niños? ¡Sí! Shakta Kaur Khalsa Shakta cuenta con dos sitios de Internet: y ¿Por qué yoga para niños? Quince años atrás, la misma pregunta se hacía con respecto a las artes [...]

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