Found a writing that came out of a great period of change for me, 2001-2004.  This change continues…as it should!

Reflection on Need

January, 2002

I have understood that I don’t need anyone or anything.  So why am I searching for something? What good does it do?  It serves to bring me back to myself.  If I never leave myself then I don’t need any bringing back.  When I am needing nothing, I don’t leave myself.  I only go out and leave myself when I believe I have to do that to be somebody in order to get something.  Having needs is not even an issue when I am at the center of my creation.  

Freedom from need is freedom to be, and then in being– I love.  Love comes through being, it floods through.  Then there is only the doing of what is in front of me to do because I don’t care what it is to do.  It is all the same to me, all the same One thing.  That is freedom, that is love, that is being.  Being, pure Being.  I will have nothing less. I am nothing less. 

And now I see that we all are nothing less than pure being, pure vibrations of light energy in a constellation formation that appears as individual human bodies with personality constructs so that we can each vibrate our unique light and signature sound to blend with all the other unique beings as one cosmic orchestration and choreographed light and sound show called life.