My partner in spirit and on this earth plane, Kartar, wrote this as the inspired themes of a retreat he teaches (or we teach together).  Thought to share it so all can be inspired whether they are at the retreat or not.

Reclaiming the Dream of your Life, the Pure Joy of the Experience of your unlimited Self.

images-4This is about pivoting to lay a seed, to set a vibration, to reawaken yourself as a Dreamer.

The idea here is to recreate the world of the Dreamer, the world of the eternal child, into which you were born in this lifetime.  It is a time to experience yourself as unlimited and fully able to create your own reality.

A child does not know the concept of limitation.   These shackles are gradually transferred to the child by well-meaning adults as teachers.  As development progresses, his desires are thwarted and his dreams are dashed by the rules of a reality with which he is force-fed.  Soon those rules become a belief system. 

Ultimately, the magic of the dream and the accompanying joy of dreaming it become lost in a realm of logic and strategy

This is an opportunity to begin to become clear as to what it is you truly wish to do, or experience, or know, and that very clarity will magnetize the circumstances through which one may explore one’s heart’s desire. 

As you progress you begin to perceive a new reality—a new beginning marked by unprecedented freedom of choice.  At some point there is a realization that there are no limits.  And there is a concurrent realization that one must now take total responsibility for the focused intent that underlies one’s choices.dawn/utah

It is time to set aside a mindset of a journey that is standard and mass produced.  It is time to set aside the distractive programming of busyness and doing and focus clearly on the experience you want to have as being-ness.  It is time to take full responsibility for the focused intent with which you are calling your reality into being.

For at the level you are entering now it is not possible to manifest one’s heart’s desire by continuing to drift along, waiting for life to “happen to you”.  At the higher levels it just doesn’t work that way.  If you expect the universe to manifest your dream you must with your clarity provide the energetic seed template to magnetize it. Unknown


contributed by Kartar Khalsa