If you could decide where you want to be in the world at any given time, wouldn’t you place yourself somewhere warm in the middle of knee-deep snow that stretches on for solidly-frozen months?  That’s why I am going to San Diego tomorrow to teach Radiant Child yoga by the beach.  Sure, it is winter there, but nothing like winter here in northern Virginia (and ours is nothing like what’s been reported by frozen friends in New England).  A few years ago. I was standing on an below-zero windchill corner in Toronto, when it dawned on me that I didn’t have to schedule Toronto in January.  I could schedule it in May, and Florida or California in January.  Took a while, but I finally got it, and am ready to roll–flip flops and all–to the friendly world of La Jolla beach town.  Maybe will see you there?  If you want to experience Radiant Child Yoga, remember–you have a choice, and San Diego is a very good one!