No matter what the cause of trauma, movement through Kriya, breath and mantra are time-tested approaches clinically demonstrated to be effective in helping people reconnect with their body, reduce symptoms and go from a state of reactivity to an experience of safety and calm.
This training provides the specific skills you need to compassionately, safely and effectively instruct a trauma informed Kundalini Yoga course for people with PTSD.

What to expect in this training:

1) Identify the indicators of PTSD and what
is necessary for recovery.

2) Understand the impact of trauma on the
brain, glandular and nervous systems and
how a specific practice of Kundalini Yoga
restores healthy regulation to these

3) Skillfully apply your language and
manner as a teacher to deliver a Trauma
Informed Kundalini Yoga course.

4) Gain skill in helping a person who has
been activated to safely restore calm and