Practice of Peace for Adults and Children
By Shakta Khalsa, As published in Aquarian Times Magazine, 2004

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How can I, as one human being, help our world? Can I create a vibrational frequency of peace within myself that radiates outward and affects our entire world? Is that even possible?

Our world and our mind are made of the same stuff­­energy. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, talks about how everything is vibrational frequency, or energy, in The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets: ”The total sum of this life and this Earth, of this planet, this cosmos, and this space is nothing but energy. Call it any kind of theory you want, this life is constructed so that the energy of existence is transferred into matter. That matter can also be transferred into energy. Whatever the details of your theory, somehow that essential energy created matter and that matter sustains us through the energy!”

Science is now beginning to be able to document nonphysical forces. From Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy comes this experiment: “In a report from the International Society of the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, scientists documented the nonphysical force of emotion actually changing the physical molecule of DNA. …The study reported that “individuals trained in generating focused feelings of deep love…were able to intentionally cause a change in the conformation [shape] of the DNA.”

Many people are waking up from a long sleep because events of cataclysmic proportions are taking place on our planet almost daily. It can easily feel as though we don’t have power to do anything about the way our world is headed, that we can only helplessly stand by and watch the deterioration and destruction of everything we love. But many, many people I meet and speak with are rising to the challenge of these times. I count myself among them as I find myself over and over again coming into a projective state of prayer, but not the kind of prayer that is asking or begging. What I am calling prayer is a practice of consciously creating reality with my vibratory energy. Anytime I forget, I again become aware that I have the power to choose an energy projection of truth and peace prevailing on earth. I’ve noticed how often this uplifted energy is “caught” by others, who perhaps just needed a reminder. I believe that when enough of us are using 100% of our vibratory energy to create at each moment a vibration of peace, changes that we would normally think of as miracles become everyday realities.

Working with children has been a life path for me, and through that path I have found children to be completely aware, sensitive individuals. So with that in mind, after each exercise for adults I’ve included suggested ways to communicate with children.

Feel free to improvise and adapt this for your personal use. After the exercise, allow a space for your child to talk about what he or she experienced. This is very subtle and sensitive work. To stay present, it may be helpful to be aware of your breath, especially at the beginning of the practice.

Moment to Moment Practice of Peace

• Bulleted = guided practice for adults

Bold print = guided practice for children

· I let myself relax into a state of feeling for all who are suffering, and that feeling extends out to all of the world. I allow the pain. I sit with it and let if be as it is, in trust, simply because it is part of All That Is. After some time, I find the pain has subtly transformed into something else: a compassionate healing, an accepting of the higher wisdom in this, as all, actions.

Let’s close our eyes and allow whatever we feel, even if it is sad, or angry, or fearful. If pictures come to you, things that you’ve seen on TV, heard people talking about, whatever it is­just let it be. It cannot hurt you to let it be. Give yourself permission to feel, and just watch what happens if you don’t block your feelings.

· I extend my prayer field, my energy field, out in front of me and all around me, envisioning and creating a world in which all conflict is resolved in the highest manner. I don’t use my rational mind to think of strategies that would resolve it, but create a space – an emptiness that contains all possibilities ­ in which the Unknown can fully work.

· I trust in humanity. I visualize us at our best, with full awareness of the consequences of our actions, using this challenge as an opportunity to propel our world into a new way of being. This does not mean that those who have hurt others are not called to account, but I see this happening thin the miraculous ways of the Unknown, rather than by ways that create more suffering and retaliation.

Instead of trying to think about all the problems and solutions that are being talked about in our world right now, let’s do something really different Let’s imagine a big emptiness that stretches out in front of us, and all around us, and goes into the future. that big emptiness is a space in which anything–­­anything! is possible. Magical things, miraculous things, things no one ever thought about­can all happen in this wonderful emptiness that we are allowing to be there.

· I have courage to go into the mind and heart of someone who hurts others. I feel the pain that can be translated into hatred and inflicting pain on others. I feel it pass through me, and I allow it as part of All That Is. I remember that when I accept what is, it cannot stay the same. My acceptance of it creates a kind of “vibrational hug” hug around it, and it melts. I have a sense that these beings are brought into the fold of humanity through the transformation that happened through this compassionate act.

It takes courage to go into a place inside you where you allow yourself to feel the pain that is inside a person who you don’t like, or who has hurt you in some way. Think of anyone who is like that for you. And now….allow them into your heart and feel their heart too. The hate melts and what is left is just a human being who didn’t know how to handle their painful feelings.

· I trust that the Unknown, the All That Is (who is sometimes called God) will unfold the events of the future that will match the vibratory frequency that I, and many others together, are holding and projecting – a sacred space where peace and truth prevail. In this deep space of trust and knowing, I feel the ecstasy that is my birthright, and I extend that birthright out to all of humanity.

Without even thinking we trust that we will have another breath, and another, and another, right? Now let’s have that same kind of trust that something good is happening. Something that is connecting us with everyone else on our planet. Feel the peace in your heart and connect it up with everyone else­people you know and don’t know, and grow that peace so it stretches all around the world.

And now, let’s send a blessing to our world by saying together three (or more)


Peace to All, Life to All, Love to All