This has been a helpful understanding of late:

Positive energy is inclusive, coherent, integrative

Negative energy is exclusive, incoherent, divisive

From an innate part of myself (which has been confirmed by experience)
, I know that all points of view are valid, like different facets of a diamond shining from different angles.  The question is whether the point of view is integrative, inclusive, positive, or if it is negative, exclusive, divisive.

When I realize that some people don’t think like I do (positive), I am shocked, disappointed, alarmed.  I think “how could they?” That is negative thinking back at them.  

I am working with this paradox:  I am a positive-minded person.  How can I accept a negative-minded person? 

Acceptance can happen when I realize that all that is happening is part of the Whole.  It doesn’t threaten me to allow others to be as they are.  I stick with the goodness that I know to be true for me.  I can meet with the other person and if they share my sincere desire to find our collective wholeness, we can meet somewhere.  If they are not, then they are not. BUT….I still know that they are in my life for a reason, that this thing I don’t want is in my world for a reason.  I want to know that reason and come to wholeness–whether or not the other person is doing it.

I want to accept myself and them as we are.  And then I know a bit more about wholeness. 

From Radiant Child Yoga song*, “Good or Bad”–

What you judge, will not budge

what you bless will do its best.

And when you do, you will find

change of heart and peace of mind.

*On Cozy CD,