images-1After taking the Radiant Child Yoga for ADHD and Autism course, I found all that I was taught in the course became real to me as I started tuning into these children. I saw how special these kids are– and how to recognize it and call it forward suddenly hit my heart.

One boy in particular who seemed to be on “the spectrum” caught my attention. As I looked at his face and watched him, sometimes participating and sometimes drifting off, I found myself wondering about him. What had caught his fancy? What was he thinking about? As I looked upon his face, I saw an amazing human being who wasn’t interacting in the ways that would be expected of him but that there was brilliant life within him. I desired to know more about him. and as I watched him felt such a pull towards children like him.

fire in my heart

fire in my heart

I saw in him and the ways he glanced about him, some of my own son, Gregory. In those moments, I fell deeper in love with my own son. Through watching this other child, I got it! These children do perceive immense life and beauty.

I want to be a person that takes that into account and learns from them. I want to not presume that it is me that comes to teach or instruct them but that it is me that comes to learn from them. For that teaching, which feels like the heartbeat of the Radiant Child Yoga program, I am immensely grateful.

radiant-butterfly-03Mims D.

Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher