hqdefaultDuring one of Darryl Anka’s channeling sessions (Bashar.org), the questioner came with much concern about “protecting” our earth and the future of life on earth.

The answer is something I want to keep close in this transitioning time we are going through–interestingly at this season of Peace and Love. I’m sharing it with you with the thought that this is something you also may want to keep close to your heart and mind.

“The question is not in protection, for the need for protection invites the idea of attack. That is not the solution. You don’t get peace by hating war, you get peace by loving peace. The idea is to act in the manner of the world that you prefer to be in. Not in the protective sense, but in an expression of joy and creativity, coming up with creative ideas to replace the old systems that don’t work for you.

Do the things that give you joy, help in whatever way you are excited to help. Be about staying in that vibration in love and creativity.images

The more you give others an opportunity to see in you an example they can follow, then perhaps they will choose. But you also have to be unconditionally allowing about it, so if they choose something dire, you give them your blessing and your compassion to choose whatever they believe is necessary at that time. Because, your concern, while focused in one reality, needs to also take into account that you are an infinite and eternal being and thus in that sense no harm can come to you.

Focus on that vibration and you will see the magical changes in the world that you will shift to. For remember, you never change the world you are in, you shift to another parallel version that is already more representative and reflective of the change you have made within yourself

And if you remain in that vibration of concern, the only reality you will experience is the vibration of concern.

If you know this to be true, act like you know it. There is no fooling creation, my dear; your vibration tells it all.

Be the reality that you prefer, that is all there is to it.”images-1


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