Note from Shakta: Loved this story of Radiant Child Yoga and Martial Arts, coming all the way from Indonesia!  Thanks to Fezia Tyebally, dedicated Radiant Child Yoga trainer in Asia, and thanks to Arman, who has really understood the essence and practice of children’s yoga.


By Arman Priadi, Director at Family Martial Arts,  Jakarta, Indonesia

My Yoga Kids Class is a bit different, because I wanted to combine what I’ve learned in Radiant Child Yoga Teacher training with my Family Martial Arts program and to make the class more fun and inspired my students to do Yoga in the future.

I feel that Yoga class is really important and can be combined with my Martial Arts class. The breathing exercise, balance control, self affirmation, relaxation and meditation are great for them.

I believe Martial Arts and Yoga have a similar structure or class plan. In martial arts class, we begin by preparing the class to start the session by saying ‘Kiotsuke’ or Attention but this time I said to my student: “Let’s begin by rubbing our hands together, and breathe.

For stretching we did sun salutation, downward dog and plank, we do this 3 times. After that we do the warming up, by walking, running all together with different speed just to make it more fun, and mix it with the hand cross and leg lift up. We do that few rounds and finishing by walking slowly till we stopped and have big balloons breath 3 times.

After that we did the cobra pose then move to the cat and cow pose with those meow and moo sounds….we really enjoyed it!

The next activity, we lay down on our tummy, make a circle and I had a ping pong ball with me.  They were so curious and I said: “Let’s try to pass this ball to your friends but you can only use your breath by blowing this to your friend.! And say why you like him/her.’ They said, “I can do it Sensei,..I can do it!” I said “Ok let’s try!” Later I found out one kid couldn’t blow the ball, and I notice that kid is also usually the kid who’s always make a loud noise suddenly. I realize he has a problem with breath control. I should focus more to him later on.

We did a meditation and ending it all together by saying Sat Nam. I explained the meaning was to be truthful to yourself, parents and teacher.

Thanks very much to Mrs. Fezia Tyebally, RCY trainer in Malasia, who has taught me Radiant Child Yoga.  For sure I will use and pass this knowledge to help my students to help them have a better quality of life.