SK Photo 1Speak to the Big Soul in front of you, no matter what form it comes in.

To do that, you have to be the Big Soul too.

Get on the same level.  Look the child in the eye, and put a smile in your eyes.

Don’t try to talk with a teen- or pre-teen for that matter–about anything important before 11 am.

If possible, wait until 4 pm to have that conversation.Unknown

Text your young adult infrequently and use only the most important words.

f & m yoga 1018Rather than try to make your child do yoga, you do it…and do it for real.  You’ll be able to connect to your Big Soul when you are with them.

They will notice, and may want to pick up a few tips from you, here and there.

Less is more when it comes to advice, including yoga tips.

Match your breath to your child’s breath while they are sleeping.  Guaranteed you will be connected.images-3

Remember the connection the next day when busy life takes over.

You are the adult, so you need to lead the way to being Who You Really Are.

Your child will notice.  Believe it…and you will see it.