(Excerpt from Shakta’s upcoming book about nurturing the spirit of ourselves and our children)

Children come into life with pure beingness, purely radiant and present.  They are absorbent minds, so what they pick up from their environment–habits and ways of thinking of those around them–influence for better or worse from day one onward.

We help them best by helping ourselves to stay in alignment with our own authentic Self.  Since this is who we really are, we don’t have to make ourselves “better”. All we have to do is uncover the radiant Self that has always been there–to let it be who we are once again, but this time with the wisdom and experience that the living of life has imparted.  This is our Divine Contract with children!

I am thankful to children, not only for the love and energy that they show me, but also for the challenges they present at every turn.  Children have inspired me to get connected to my own radiant, happy Self.  Sometimes this happens when I catch their wise and uplifting energy. And sometimes it happens because they trigger me into an uncomfortable place.  Then I have the choice to investigate the trigger, learn something about myself, and make the internal energetic adjustment.

In either case, there is opportunity to grow more joy, or the opportunity to find my way back to joy!