tuning in sometimes means slowing down…..

An old rock and roll song is playing in my head.  Dave Mason is singing “But I’m happy just to be, a part of all I see.”  When I hear it I think of it in yoga terms, since that’s been my life for so long.  I realize that he is singing about Samadhi, total immersion in Beingness, All-That-Isness.  I find I agree with Dave.  I’m happiest just being part of it all.  Not needing to be special, not needing to not be special.  Not thinking about who I am, where I’m going, what I need.  Nothing to do, nothing to need, nothing in particular to be…..what a relief!

Sitting on my bed, my computer on a pillow on my lap.  My two cats snuggled nearby.  They really know how to just Be, simply Be.  I catch the feeling of it from them.  And I can write about it at least, even if I cannot do it at every moment.  That’s a start.

relaxing is what we do best

How do you find yourself in Beingness?  Do you value it? Do you love the feeling of being part of all you see, or do you think you should be “doing” something or you are not of value?  And of value to who?  Lots to contemplate on the way to Samadhi…..