Isn’t it fun to see where you once were and how far you have come…and yet the Truth of the older understandings shine through still? How much you actually knew when you mostly thought you didn’t know anything?  In revisiting,  wisdom shines through.  The image that goes with this feeling is one of carefully opening the clam and seeing the softly glowing pearl that has been growing in the dark.  The dark has its purpose…..

Here’s today’s offering.  Enjoy and share some of your own pearls here if you like.



We’ll be allies when we can

live in canyons where rivers ran.

We’ll be lovers in our sleep.

We’ll wear faces we can’t keep.

Lack in love then be repleted,

call the cards, then swear they cheated.

Write in rhyme, talk analogy,

pan for gold to glint reality.

Keep an eye for love that’s pure,

blink and find it can’t endure.

Be tightly joined in a loose slip-knot,

we’ll be friends to learn what we’ve taught.