My friend, Nam Hari Kaur, is one of the best Numerologist around.  Here’s what she has to say about December 2015 and onward into 2016.  And BTW… you can learn Yogic Numerology when you come to Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour teacher training!

The month of December is a time to rest and regroup for the coming New Year. The calendar year of 2016 will be a very unusual time on planet Earth, and we need to have a few things squared away now, in order to successfully enter and navigate this unique field of dreams.

DSCN3242The Heart number for December is a 9 (Heart is Month 12 + Gift 6 = 18 = 9). Interestingly, the overall number for 2016 is also a 9, (2+ 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). Nine is the most sensitive number, and our hearts at this time will feel a longing, a desire for something new and different that we want to experience. This awareness steps outside the realms of logic and reason, into a different sensation of “knowing.”

This inner knowing is from a place of purity and clarity, which is available to us through having a strong connection to the Subtle Body. Number 9 is the Subtle Body, which from a yogic perspective is where all the “good stuff” is! The softness, subtlety, and sensitive connection to another being is all through your Subtle Body. You even know how your pet is feeling through your sensitive awareness.

As we relax and decompress from this year, a part of our being is already in the new field of 2016, figuring out what to do next. Nine in the positive polarity is focused, visionary, and has a kind regard for all. However, in the negative polarity it makes one feel lost, disillusioned, and potentially full of rage for the unfairness of one’s circumstances. This is a truly dangerous place to be in, and much of the world’s turmoil is because some people feel as if they have nothing left to lose.

IMG_3890Looking to the solution side of the equation, because there always is one, the unique gift of 2016 is through sound and music. People of all faiths and persuasions coming together, linking in positive vision through music, mantra, and chanting, can be the tipping point of favor to shift the flow of energy on the planet.

As the year of 2015 has been much about redefining our relationships, December gives us the chance to disconnect from any unhealthy relationship. Looking again to the Heart number of 9, it is important to note that 9 also represents death or completion. If you can, conjure the image of yourself in a rowboat out at sea, and someone you care about has fallen out of the boat. Unfortunately, they are wearing a heavy wool jacket (emotional baggage), and it is too difficult for you to pull them into the boat, without falling overboard yourself. You cry out to them, “Please, just take off the jacket, then we can make it, I’ll pull you in.” Only to hear their furtive response, “No, I need my jacket, I can’t live without it!”

We are now at a crossroads in all our relationships, and must determine our boundaries and reserve energies, because next year you will fall in the water if you are not alert in the moment.

And falling overboard in 2016 can be a very unforgiving environment.

It will be helpful at this time to set an intention for yourself in the New Year. I am not talking about New Year resolutions, that can create stress. Your intention could be, “I would like to do something kind and nurturing for myself everyday.” Or, “I am open to connecting with new and different kinds of people who can broaden my horizons.” These sorts of intentions are helpful, as the positive polarity of number 9 is universal love and the ability to sense and attract good things through our Subtle Body. However, in the negative polarity 9 can feel very lost and vulnerable to misguided cleverness.

Nine represents seduction, and in 2016 at times, there will be a silver-tongued Rascal around the corner, trying to rope you into their game. Don’t go for it, you’ll lose. Nine in the positive polarity is self-mastery. From this place you can read the underlying agenda, and deftly side-step the situation.images

We need to immunize ourselves from being vulnerable to negative forces, as well as from falling prey to our own inertia. This is where that emotionally dangerous “lost” feeling can begin.

The good news is that the remedy is simple and relatively easy. The meditation “Ganpati Kriya” is the antidote to misfortune. This meditation is said to, “Create a positive tomorrow, and change your luck to allow prosperity to flow.” Link:

I often get the question, “When are things going to get better? Will next year be better?” With the dimensional shift into the Aquarian Age, it is better when we make it better. This is a very individual process, and gravitating towards a tribe where your spirit feels nurtured will help you in this journey. 2016 requires an element of courage to face, and as Yogi Bhajan has said,


“It’s not the life that matters, it’s the courage you bring to it.”

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