I’ve known Nam Hari Kaur since the late 1970s.  She is one of the best Numerologists!  Here’s what she has to say about November, including the auspicious 11/11/11.

Here we are as a humanity, shifting into one of the most pivotal points on planet Earth in recorded history. November 11, 2011 marks the beginning of the Aquarian Age, which will be experienced as a new dimension of human potential and spiritual awareness.

We will now have the ability to receive and process information at a higher speed, similar to a 4G internet connection being upgraded to 5G. The catch is, the information is flowing at a faster rate, but do you have the software upgrade to handle it? This translates into: Is your brain balanced and your nervous system strong? If you are shaky in either of these areas you will begin to notice an increasingly frazzled feeling in your demeanor. “I just can’t handle it all” will be a common emotional phenomenon occurring in our society. People will be looking for more ways to “check out” into a world where they feel in control and fulfilled. Sales in video games will sky rocket, as this is a popular way for our modern society to feel empowered. Once you learn the ropes of the game, your chances increase in being a winner. There will also be a surge in the sales and designing of new energy drinks. If you go into any 7-11 convenience store there are entire refrigerator cases devoted to these products, temporarily turning you into your own adrenalized  Super-Hero.

As yogis, or simply as devoted women and men of God, we need to find a better way.Right now the way is called “Getting Back to Basics”. We need to bring our lives into a place of balance so we can handle the huge planetary shifts around the corner in 2012.

Sneak Preview!……2012 is overall a 5 year (2+0+1+2=5), and 5 cycles always bring powerful and swift changes. Five is also the Earth Element, so this where part of the changes will take place.

OK, back to the basics. Yogi Tea, now there’s an easy one! Brew it yourself by buying the ingredients in bulk (health food store or Indian grocery), or just go for the convenient  Yogi Tea brand at the health food store. You will be improving your digestion, purifying the blood, and strengthening your bones and nervous system all in one delicious cup.

Next on our “Getting Back to Basics” list is Sat Kriya, a master kriya of Kundalini Yoga. When your lower triangle of chakras are balanced you can withstand the heavy winds of change. Eleven minutes of Sat Kriya a day gives you the vitality and core strength you need to handle the exterior pressure.

Yoga class! This is how most of us caught the train to a higher ground to begin with.  Vow to yourself, “I will go to one yoga class a week.”  This is as much for the blessing of community as it is for your individual improvement. Connectivity and spiritual camaraderie are now essential components to your well-being.

Another striking feature of our 11-11-11 shift is that we will no longer be able to roll along with relationships that are inharmonious with our higher self. Expect to see a rise in the divorce rate as many people will be feeling, “That’s it, I’m done, I’m out of here.” 

The music group called “Fleetwood Mac” stated it well in their song “Never Going Back Again”, when Lindsey Buckingham sang, “Been down one time, been down two times, I’m never going back again.”  This breaking free of bondage is part of what will allow for a new connectivity in relationships next year in 2012. If you are going through  >>>>>> a break-up, or if you have been waiting for a long time to meet someone, know that your chances are about to get better.

Just be sure you are vibrating at a higher frequency (via spiritual practice) so you don’t attract a “re-run” episode. Set a higher value and intention for your new friends or life partner, so your relationships may have an enduring and endearing quality.

On another note, in the month of September I had to quite unexpectedly and suddenly pick up everything and move my housing situation within 48 hours. No pressure,…right. As I lined up the logistics I knew I would need to focus, and eat very lightly. Trekking out to the health food store for provisions I loaded up on juices, carrot /celery sticks, and sesame crunch bars. Then, just as I was about to leave I passed by the unfamiliar territory of the coffee aisle. There in front of me was a shiny, colorful package of “Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans”. I could hear the little espresso beans calling me, saying, “We’re your friends Nam Hari, we’ll help you to move.” Oh, goody! My little chocolate covered energy grenades would save the day for me. The afternoon went well, and anytime I felt tired I would glance over to the container on my desk, and there they were jumping up and down saying, “We’re here for you!” OK, sure, I’ll have another handful of chocolate espresso delight, nobody is looking anyway. And zip-ity do-dah, I am off and running again. Me and my new found friends packing boxes till midnight. Why bother with a healthy dinner and rest time when you’ve got snack support that gives you endless lightening speed energy. For awhile that is, as in till the next morning when I couldn’t get out of bed until 10:30. Glancing over to the desk, my good time buddies are still sitting there, coyly smiling and saying, “Well, we didn’t know you were supposed to get up at 4:00 AM, we don’t meditate, how were we to know?”

Everything in life has a price, and every relationship has an energetic exchange. Choose your new friends and endeavors wisely now, as they will be setting a trend for the New Year. Let this new trend be the end of any self-image which allows for deception or duality. Now is the time to “Consolidate, Concentrate, Be You!”, as Yogi Bhajan has said. Align with your kindred spirits, your spiritual birds of a feather, and let your Soul take flight into the Aquarian Age.

Would you like to know more?  Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone.  email: namhari17@gmail.com

Shakta will be teaching a Yoga and Numerology course in Miami in November!  Check out the schedule here: http://www.childrensyoga.com/events_show.php