A guided meditation from a new book I am writing about Parenting a Radiant Child.  If you like, you can slowly speak the words into a recording device (voice memo on the iPhone works great)–and listen to it as a guided meditation any time you want.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Alternatively, sit cross-legged on the floor on a dense cushion or blanket.  Relax your body with the spine comfortably straight.  Close your eyes. Feel a ‘let go’ feeling, like a big whole-body sigh.  Feel your mind relaxing.  Feel a dropping down into your body. Without any effort, just notice the feeling or sensation of that movement of energy. 

Notice your breath without trying to regulate it in any way.  Feel the expansion and contraction of the chest and belly.  Begin to slow down the breath and deepen it.  Again, feel the expansion and contraction of the chest and belly.  Notice if there is mental chatter, for example, comparing the original breath with the deeper breath. Become aware of any feelings of wishing you were not thinking, or trying to stop thought, and allow it all to be as an expression of this moment.  As the wave of thought passes, turn your attention to experiencing the body during the breath. 

Feel as though you are an infant resting comfortably.  Since you don’t know concepts such as “breathing” or “expansion”, feel what the breath feels like without any concepts.  Begin to notice the sensations that arise, flow, and change within you as you breathe.  Feel as if the breath were breathing you. As though you are the experiencer of the breathing machine. As though the breath is happening on its own without any effort or attention from you.

If thoughts come up, allow the sensations of those thoughts without pushing them away or following them wherever they might lead.  If you feel resistance to any part of this process, allow yourself to expand to feel the sensations that arise in response to the resistance. Include the sensations of resistance. Expand to allow all sensations experienced in this moment. Just for right now, allow yourself to know that each moment holds a new experience, an experience purely without concept.

Stay in this awareness a few more moments.  Then gently inhale….and exhale.  Open your eyes and begin to gently move your body.  You will find that you can feel a lingering sense of your experience that you can call on in your daily life, more and more, as you practice it.