My mother, Grace Meyers, was a unique person.  She could totally drive you crazy with her nagging and attention to every detail of your life.  And then again, she could be such a high-spirited, super-tuned in person, with a natural sense of humor involving the most ordinary things in life that you’d be laughing at something she did or said until your sides hurt.

images-5And boy, was she a prankster when it came to April Fool’s Day.  Every year she outdid herself as she took to creating devilish practical jokes, especially on my dad.

After a while these pranks began to take the form of  booby traps in his lunch box.

These were the old days when wives stayed home most of the time, and packed everyone’s lunches for each school/work day.  Kids got their square metal ones with pictures of their favorite cartoons or princesses, and grown up guys took beat-up metal ones that really accessorized the blue-collar look.images-2

My dad, Howdy Meyers, worked on an assembly line at the “shop”, which is all I ever called my dad’s work.  He was a Union Steward and well-known with the guys he worked with all day long.  And on April Fool’s day everyone gathered around in gleeful anticipation of the joke that was in Howdy’s lunch box.

images-4I wish I could remember all the April Fool’s pranks she played, but I do distinctly remember three of them, just to give you a feel for it:

1.  An Easter Egg that was dyed, but uncooked….what a mess!

2.  A brownie that was a sponge surrounded with icing….mmmm…hope it was a brand-new sponge!

3. A cupcake with a rubber ball in the center…at least it was not a rock–she had some mercy in there somewhere!

To his credit, my dad was a good sport about all this.  I think it even made his day each year.

I’ve included them dancing at their wedding back in the 40s–can you see the impish personality?  and someone who enjoys the energy of that?

mum dad

Happy April Fool’s Day…hope you got some new good ideas for next year!