Children’s Yoga Lesson Plan

by Charansev Kaur

Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training 1-3,

BUDAPEST, June 2013 

*Shakta’s notes in caps below; all materials from RCY store

This yoga lesson was carried out in a children’s yoga camp in Kecskemet.

Sessions are between 60-75 minutes.


We led a week Radiant Child Yoga camp for 26 children between the age of 7 and 11.

The participants hadn’t done yoga before.

They thoroughly enjoyed each session. They were co-operative and had lots of fun and laughter and formed good friendships. They loved baloon breath and all other breathing exercises, they enjoyed the tasks in pairs, the meditations and of course the games too.

Children used yoga mats as “islands”. As there were not enough mats some children were on bigger islands (carpets) together.942694_506595109415312_1396825992_n

(Day3) The warrior’s journey to the rainbow

Lesson starts with an interactive introduction to the daily scheme.

Who has seen a rainbow?

What are the colours of the rainbow?

Today our hero the warrior is traveling to the rainbow. You are the hero of your story.  LOVELY!

Using tingsa to get ready for tuning in, then ask:

What do we do when we hear the tingsa? (we close our eyes and straighten our spine)

What do we do when the tingsa’s sound fades out? (we put our palms together to the heart centre)  THIS WAS AN INGENIOUS IDEA TO GIVE THE CHILDREN THE SUBTLE IDEA OF LISTENING AND PERFORMING CENTERING EXERCISE IN THE FORM OF A GAME. 

Tuning in with ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO(3x)

Breathing exercise and warm ups in easy pose:

Baloon breath (5x)

995742_506592589415564_1385224458_nBlowing out candles (hold your birthday cake in your hands and blow out the candles on it. Inhale through nose and exhale as you blow out the candles)


Spine flex, riding the bumpy camel

Washing machine, cleaning our clothes

Dryer, drying our clothes

Getting ready for our journey.1001870_505518846189605_327753305_n

Baloon breath(1x)

Standing up

The warrior is going on a journey. He takes his arrow with him and on the way he sings his favourite song that gives him strength.

Warrior pose (both sides)

Listen and sing: I am brave I am bold, From Cozy CD, Radiant Child Music

First he walks through a big wheatfield. The wheat is tall.

Air walk –crosscrawls (standing, raise the left knee to the chest whilst raising right arm straight up, and then alternate) AND YOU CAN GIVE GOOD INFO—“TOUCHING THE HANDS TO OPPOSITE LEGS WILL HELP BOTH SIDES OF YOUR BRAIN TALK TO EACH OTHER!”

The warrior helps the people to harvest the wheat. He cuts the wheat with his sharp blade.

Cutting wheat (twist upper torso from left to the right, swinging arms) AND MAKING SOUNDS ON THE EXHALE?  THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO ALLOW THEM TO HAVE FUN USING THE BREATH.

He gathers it in haystacks. ( feet hip’s width apart, stretch arms overhead, arch backwards and bend forward touching the ground)

It strengthens your back and keeps it flexible.

The warrior goes on and arrives at a beautiful waterfall.

 Waterfall (standing, arms in the air over the head, bend backward, stretch)

The warrior goes on through a wood where he sees a lot of beautiful trees.

Treepose (on both side) 

The warrior walks on and he arrives at the rainbow. He is amazed how beautiful nature is at making rainbows in the sky. He feels very happy and grateful.

Let’s be the rainbow. Bridge pose (lift pelvis 7 times)

We say the colours of the rainbow


Soon the animal friends arrive at the rainbow celebrating it. Each of them has brought you a present.


Fish (pose)

Downward looking dog

Little puppy

Cat and cow

Frog (jumps)

Monkey (jumps)

Rabbit (child’s pose arms in the front)

Butterfly (sing the butterfly song)73327_505999636141526_830389800_n

Sleeping butterfly

Baloon breath(3x)

In your heart silently thank your animal friends for all those little prezzies and thank the rainbow for being and bringing such beautiful colours to the world.


Relax after the long journey.  The warrior takes a rest by the beautiful blue sea on the sandy beach. 

Ocean Story, From Fly Like A Butterfly:

Relax all parts of your body and listen to your breath. It sounds like the ocean as it washes the beach. Puppet seagull will wake you up in a bit.

The birds are feeding from your relaxed hands.

Children listen to recorded sounds of the ocean with the seagulls whilst relaxing for 3 minutes.

Puppet seagull wakes them up.

Big stretching.


1013457_505997706141719_1012773232_nI am happy I am good (5min) (from Yoga In Motion DVD)

Close with “The Long Time Sun” song.

Feedback: Did you like the warrior’s journey? What did you like the most?

(Children share.)

Charansev’s  feedback: “Truly it was a wonderful experience.  The children became peaceful and content all day after the yoga session. They were really creative in their art session followed and cooperative with one another all day long.”