One of the trainers for Radiant Child Yoga, Amy Pfaelzer, who has a 6-month old son, suggested we have a Mom and Baby Getaway. She said, “Moms and babies almost never get to relax and just be.”

Well, I really heard her, so we did the Getaway.  I got to experience the ease and delight of being with moms and babies under a year old.  Actually we discovered that three of them were little Virgos and the “older” one was Cancer.  Whatever the astrology—it was really working well.  Babies got along, moms got along, with cozy time to chat, eat delicious food (no cooking or cleaning up!), do mom and baby yoga, and even yoga without babies—a special class for women taught by me while Amy played with and took care of all the babies in the other room.

This all took place at the mountain chalet in the Shenandoahs with a vista of rolling mountains, early spring trees with their colors popping, and birdsong.  Lounging on the deck in the welcoming sun was only topped by the offering of a healing massage (babies taken care of, naturally) with my friend and long-time massage therapist, Krishan.