Part 4, Excerpt from Meditation:  The First and Last Freedom, by Osho, (read slowly, allow to sink in….)

When a thought passes, you watch it; when an interval passes, you watch it.  Clouds are beautiful; sunshine also is beautiful.  Now you are not a chooser.  Now you don’t have a fixed mind.  You don’t say, “I would like only the intervals.”   That is stupid–because once you become attached to wanting only the intervals, you have decided again against thinking.  And then those intervals will disappear.  They happen only when you are very distant, aloof.  They happen…they cannot be brought.  They happen, you cannot force them to happen.  They are spontaneous happenings.

Go on watching; let thoughts come and go–wherever they want to go–nothing is wrong!  Don’t try to manipulate and don’t try to direct.  Let thoughts move in total freedom.  And then bigger intervals will be coming. Sometimes minutes will pass and no thought will be there.  There will be no traffic–a total silence, undisturbed.

When the bigger gaps come, you will not only have clarity to see into the world–with the bigger gaps you will have a new clarity arising; you will be able to see into the inner world.  With the first gaps you will see into the world.  Trees will be more green than they look right now.  You will be surrounded by an infinite music–the music of the spheres.  You will be suddenly in the presence of God–ineffable, mysterious, touching you although you cannot grasp it, within your reach and yet beyond.  With the bigger gaps, the same will happen inside.  God will not only be outside, you will be suddenly surprised–God is inside also.  But don’t get attached to that either.

Attachment is the food for the mind to continue.  Non-attached witnessing is the way to stop it without any effort to stop it.  And when you start enjoying those blissful moments, your capacity to retain them for longer periods arises.

Finally eventually, one day, you become master.  Then when you want to think you think.  If thought is needed, you use it; if thought is not needed, you allow it to rest.  Not that mind is simply no longer there–mind is there, but you can use it or not use it.  Now it is your decision   just like legs; if you want to run, you use them.  If you don’t want to run you simply rest–legs are there.  In the same way, mind is always there.

So let me tell you a few basic things. One, meditation is not concentration but relaxation.  One simply relaxes into oneself.  The more you relax, the more you feel yourself open, vulnerable, the less you are rigid.  You are more flexible, and suddenly existence starts penetrating you.  You are no longer like a rock, you have openings.

Relaxation means allowing yourself to fall into a state where you are not doing anything, because if you are doings something, tension will continue.  Relax into yourself, just close your eyes, and listen to all that is happening all around.  No need to feel anything as a distraction. The moment you feel it is a distraction, you are denying God.

This moment God has come to you as a bird–don’t deny.  He has knocked at your door as a bird.  Then next moment God has come as a dog barking, or as a child crying.  Don’t deny; don’t react–accept.  Because if you deny, you will become tense.  All denials create tension–accept.  If you want to relax, acceptance is the way.  You may know it or you may not know it–everything is interrelated.  These birds, thee trees, this earth, you, me, all are related.

So don’t deny anything, because the moment you deny, you are denying something in you.  If you deny these singing birds then something in you is denied.

If you relax, you accept. Acceptance of existence is the only way to relax.  If small things disturb you then it is your attitude that is disturbing you.  Sit silently.  Listen to all that is happening all around, and relax.  Accept, relax, and suddenly you will feel immense energy arising in you.

And when I say watch, don’t try to watch.  Otherwise you will become tense again, and you will start concentrating.  Simply relax, remain relaxed, loose, and look…because what else can you do?  You are there, nothing to be done. Everything accepted, nothing to be denied, rejected.  No struggle, no fight, no conflict.  You simply watch.  Remember… simply watch.